Question No. 3: “Oh, The Places You’ll Go…”

Ira Question | Written by Nathan Mattise

I refuse to believe I’m the only twentysomething who wants to go see “Where The Wild Things Are” in mid-October.  It’s got David Eggers writing in furry books about it and a soundtrack composed by indie royalty, Karen O of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

Secretly, I think the real reason I want to see it is because I vividly remember reading the book with my grandparents as a kid. I’m not sure what exactly I found so fascinating about it or if anything from the text in particular inspired who I am today.  Children’s lit seems to get a surprisingly high amount of credit for molding successful lives down the road (ask this year’s collegiate first-year class, how many graduation speeches quoted Dr. Seuss).

If Ira can recall the days of sitting on Grandma or Grandpa Glass’s lap…

What stories do you remember from when you were a child and do you think you incorporate any elements of children’s lit into your work today?

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