Question No.9: “What the f*ck?”

Ira Question | Written by Nathan Mattise

I had the opportunity to cover an event where Ted Koppel interviewed Frank Langella tonight. I enjoyed it immensely but, man, it was nothing like I expected.

Koppel and Langella provided the wisdom you’d expect from giants in their respective fields. They did so while going back and forth like some reuniting fraternity brothers, bantering of sexual escapades and…

…well, I heard Ted Koppel say “asshole” and “Tickle Trigger’s testicles.”

Ted Koppel  may be the man I’d least expect to hear vulgarity from. It definitely added to the event and helped reinforce the rapport between him and Langella, but still, when your reputation is built on very mature and honest journalism it’s a bit jarring to hear that.

So, what the hell?

What are your feelings on vulgarity and cursing within storytelling? Does it add realism or is it simply used for shock-value and the like?

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