Question No. 11: “So the 3 a.m. shift, that was the short straw?”

Ira Question | Written by Nathan Mattise

I’ve tried pitching the 24-hour approach to numerous media outlets throughout my journalism escapades. The “24 Hours at The Golden Apple” episode is simply my favorite This American Life story to date. It epitomizes everything I like about the show – the focus is universal, the storytelling is so compelling virtually anything is interesting, it’s largely (or solely in this case) based on interesting people.  Not to mention, I’m very partial to diners.

Full Episode

The episode was so successful that TAL eventually took the same approach at a NY Thruway rest stop. I’m finally getting the opportunity to take the 24-hour plunge with Syracuse media outlet TheNewsHouse at the end of October. We’re doing an infamous local locale so stay tuned for that if you’re in CNY (or at a college campus).

Until then (and especially now that I have the assignment)…

What was your approach when crafting these episodes? How much prep work can actually be done? Is this the ultimate example of allowing the available content/sources organize the story?

Links: This American Life | The NewsHouse

E-mail us if you have a question for Ira Glass to discuss or if you have insight on this one.

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