Question No. 13: “Where did you move the furniture?”

Ira Question | Written by Nathan Mattise

Describe that picture in one word.  Is it Storytelling? Pretentious? Memorable? Awesome?

This American Life on radio has the iconic soundbite – Ira’s self-admitted slightly nasal, a bit too quick delivery of the “It’s This American Life…” intro. After Season One of TAL on TV, Ira Glass sitting at his Ikea-chic desk in some remote and scenic location seemed to be the frontrunner for the show’s “defining image.”

They opted to ditch it all in Season Two however. The new intro was Ira on a handheld video camera, taping himself in the middle of some organic experience (on escalators, driving in cars, etc.). I understand that Ira never wants to be the focus of the program, but if he is the face that people recognize and then sit down to listen to (inevitably leading them into the entire program)…

…what gives?

In this age of meticulous marketing and branding, why would you opt to move away from having a defining image (Ira at the desk) for the television series?

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