Question No. 16: “What’s on your iPod again?”

Ira Question Written by Nathan Mattise

I don’t want to ask, “What’s on your iPod?

It’s not what I really want to know. Sure, I like indie rock, jazz, classical… and all of those genres mysteriously show up in TAL programming.  Those aren’t picked because they’re Ira Glass’s personal preferences however (nor are they selected because it’s the music of choice for any of the audio producers for that matter).

When dealing with storytelling on the level of TAL and with the preferred-medium of TAL, sound is a major stylistic component. It can push a reader towards an emotional reaction regardless of whatever speech is being surrounded by it.  That said, there is an unusually high amount of indie rock and jazz that sneaks into TAL stories.

Turn it down for a minute…

What goes into your music selection for any episode of TAL? Is there an exact science to it? Are you trying to match story content to lyrical content or a song’s “feeling” to the story’s?

Links: This American Life | SPIN Online

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