Question No. 17: “When you were a little kid…”

Ira Question Written by Nathan Mattise

I’m not going to lie – if I meet Ira Glass, I’ll be briefly shellshocked.

Meeting anyone noteworthy is a moment. If that person is considerably hip, it adds even more weight to the instant. If that person is someone who you admire strongly for their work and aspire to emulate, it’s potentially once-in-a-lifetime.

I could go on about how Ira Glass inspires me to better storytelling or how I’d do anything just to intern at TAL for a few months, but there’s no need to (largely because I even namedropped him in my profile on

The focus, as always, is on Ira. Well, in this case…

Who were some of the individuals that inspired you to become the storyteller you are today? What in particular about these individuals did you admire and potentially try to emulate?

Links: The NewsHouse

E-mail us if you have a question for Ira Glass to discuss or if you have insight on this one.

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