Question No.19: “Did you ever ask that guy?”

Ira Question Written by Nathan Mattise

If I was ever offered the opportunity to appear/read/write/hold a microphone for a This American Life story, I’d drop everything and start driving to Chicago.

I’m an aspiring journalist with a super high love for the work of Ira Glass and Co. however.  I know they’ve been turned down on offers to contribute before (I’m looking at you, Ed Norton. Johnny Depp said yes).

After salivating over the thought of Malcolm Gladwell and Ira interacted on something, it got me thinking about a lot of my other favorite writers. They’re all incredible storytellers who find unique angles and utilize a great literary voice for storytelling  (Bourdain, Klosterman, Eggers… I mean Amazon probably recommends them if you like TAL regular Sedaris).

So, have you asked yet…

Do you ever entertain the idea of having some recognizeable storytellers contribute to This American Life? Have you been turned down by some of these folks or do you simply never consider it because you worry about the story losing some of its focus to the teller him/herself?

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E-mail us if you have a question for Ira Glass to discuss or if you have insight on this one.

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