Question No. 25: “Is this censored?”

Ira Question | Written by Nathan Mattise

It’s an easy out to ask an interview questions about the local scene. It’s a topic easily applied to notable folks from any walk of life. Local readers will always have some interest in what these experts have to say about their home.

When Ira Glass comes to SU in roughly two weeks, it’s a bit of a heightened situation. We’re a top journalism school, he’s a top journalist (who’s not shy to speak up for that matter).

The writing is literally on the wall and Ira’s opinion it would be relevant and informed…

Where do you stand on first amendment and freedom of speech issues? While producing TAL, have you ever encountered any troubles around first amendment rights?

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E-mail us if you have a question for Ira Glass to discuss or if you have insight on this one.

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