Question No. 28: “And the morale of the story is?”

Ira Question | Written by Nathan Mattise

I know journalism always preaches unbiased reporting, but TAL isn’t pure journalism…. it’s pure storytelling.

Stories have morals. Habeas Schmabeas teaches us about how even prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are human beings deserving of fairness.  81 Words sheds light on the beginning of society’s push to truly understand homosexuality.  Hell, there are even episodes that go directly at morality and decision making in the human brain.

It has to be impossible to tell all these stories and not have something to draw from, right?

What is the best moral you can take away from a story you’ve produced on TAL? How much of an impact has what you’ve seen, heard and interacted with made on your life outlook?

Links: This American Life

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