What’s next and a few Ira links from the past month…

How did your semester go?

Great question… and I’ve fielded it every year since 2004. The answer always varies but I can say I never thought my response would include, “Well, I got to meet Ira Glass.”

I still struggle with describing this to folks. It’s like a good high school basketball player getting 15 minutes with Michael Jordan- you’re at the point where you are strongly immersed in the craft and can really appreciate how incredibly brilliant the person sitting across from you is.  It strengthens your desire to achieve your professional goals and helps you refocus on what you need to do next to grow. Plus, you can’t stop mentioning it to everyone who cares even an ounce about that particular entity.

So if meeting Ira Glass was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, then Questions for Ira Glass will be too (sort-of). This blog helped focus my thoughts (that, thankfully, later became true interview questions), force me into a new writing copy-cycle, strengthen my pursuit of articles to read and also likely helped my credibility to gain the interview assignment.

All of that is too good to simply stop. You can’t talk to Ira Glass every month, so Questions for Ira Glass may be done. There are plenty of other personal heroes that occasionally sneak through CNY however so Questions for (Someone) is something that’s definitely on the horizon. I even have the first post-Ira candidate in mind.

Until then, enough about me and this site. Here’s some of what’s been going on with Ira since November:

Links: PRI’s Twitter feed | WBEZ’s Twitter feed | BleacherReport.com | The Daily Collegian | Etsy

E-mail us if you have any suggestions on who should be the focus of a Questions blog next… or if you have any more Ira info.

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