About Questions for Ira Glass

Questions for Ira Glass is a project with a shelf life.  It was inspired by a night where two friends and I couldn’t stop watching episodes of This American Life on DVD.  As 11 p.m. quickly became 4 a.m. and we debated rewatching certain programs, an idea hit us.

Our TAL frenzy only increased earlier that night when we caught wind of host Ira Glass coming to Syracuse University this fall in one of his very limited public appearances.  After watching all TAL Live episodes, contemplating that he’s speaking at the journalism school and realizing we will likely have an opportunity to apply for press access… we started getting nervous. Ira always takes questions and we were certain we’d be in position to ask one.

Right then, we had the idea to start a blog devoted entirely to questions for Ira Glass.

Everyday for two months we’ll develop one question or post a reader submitted question with a small graph detailing the logic behind it. When the time comes to finally meet Ira, hopefully we’ll ask the question(s) that receive(s) the most support (and after his talk, maybe we can even hand Ira a small packet with all the other questions as a sign of our appreciation). He seems like someone who would absolutely appreciate a quirky idea like this, but even if it doesn’t work out, this will only increase our anticipation to see him.

Links: More info on Nate| New York Time Out’s Ira Glass illustration


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